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Kauai Luxury Travel Advisors offers premium class, custom Kauai vacations, luxury travel related services designed specifically for the sophisticated traveler.

With us you enjoy the benefits of our exclusive agreements with kauai's best luxury hotels. This brings you unsurpassed value in the world of upscale travel, including outstanding amenities such as complimentary upgrades, free rental cars, privileged access opportunities and private events on all of Hawaiian Islands.

The best available price is our starting point. Then we add value through complimentary excursions, amenities, or services.

Our Kauai Luxury Vacation Advisors can get you the room, or suite, condo or villa you want, when others can’t. We work with every airline to Kauai, so you can choose the airline you prefer. You get frequent flyer miles on most of them. You can book your activities ahead of time to assure peace of mind. Last, but not least, we guarantee that no component of our Hawaii vacation will be more expensive than if you booked the identical component directly with the airline, hotel, or car rental company. 

Kauai ….offering beauty at nearly every turn. Famous for its movie-set landscapes, the island of Kauai abounds with lush foliage, romantic sunsets, gold sand beaches and magnificent seaside cliffs. Kauai is the oldest and most tropical of the 8 major Hawaiian Islands. Waimea Canyon offers countless hiking trails and scenic vistas. Cruise in a tour boat up the Wailua River to the Fern Grotto or take in the wonderful view from the 4,000 ft-high Kalalau Valley Lookout in the Koke'e State Park. The breathtaking Na Pali Coast, accessible only by foot, boat or helicopter, rewards visitors with unspoiled, awe-inspiring scenery. Whether it's sunny Poipu Beach, the verdant hills of Princeville or the lovely eastern coast, Kauai is alive with the spirit of the islands.

The snorkeling around Hanalei Bay will  amaze you with the unusual kaleidoscope of colorful tropical fish and corals. The bay is simi-protected from the heavy ocean swells. Scuba diving in the crystal clear waters around Kauai compares with the best in the world. 

Kauai boasts more romantic sunsets, gold sand beaches and dramatic cliffs. Green and lush Kauai is the most tropical of the Hawaiian islands.

"The Na Pali Coast (and the western end of the North Shore) is a rugged and untamed spectacle. Its name means "The Cliffs," and the area is completely inaccessible, except by foot and water craft. The ancient trail of the natives, called the Kalalau Trail, is still used and is way more popular today than it ever was. This "must see" trail is world renowned. The only way to gaze upon these fabled cliffs is to make an advance reservation for a boat excursion or helicopter ride.

You can drive almost the entire way around Kaua`i except where the road is blocked by the rugged and beautiful Na Pali Coast area on the northwest side of the island. The road extends from Polihale Beach State Park on the west side to Ke`e Beach at Ha`ena State Park on the north end. From one end to the other is a distance of roughly 75-80 miles.

Since Kaua`i is relatively small and has essentially one highway following the coast around the island, a rental car is probably your best value in ground transportation. Having your own car gives you flexibility in arranging your own adventures and planning your own schedule. 

Please use this Kauai vacation planner so we can match you with our most suitable travel advisor.

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